The Impact of Data (Cyber) Security on Business Continuity (Applied Case Study on Telecom Egypt)

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Telecom Egypt seeks to improve the performance of cyber data security, so the research aimed to show the impact of cyber data security on business continuity. The survey and implementation of the survey list directed to the sample items, which amounted to 384 items, and statistical analysis was used using the spss program in order to verify the validity of the research hypotheses.
Results: The research reached to The Main hypothesis accepted “There is a Significant Impact of data (Cyber) Security on business continuity in the Egyptian telecommunication sector”- The study showed that cyber security has a role in achieving business continuity, The results of the research showed that cybersecurity has a very positive impact on the comprehensive understanding of the way the organization works at Telecom Egypt.
Recommendations:  The most important recommendations are: The researchers recommends the necessity of increasing the updates of special applications in the field of cybersecurity and making a comprehensive plan with specific time periods to be circulated to all branches of Telecom Egypt, the necessity of giving a greater role in the field of cyber security training to all sectors and departments within the company to support the role of cyber security in formulating a business continuity strategy in Telecom Egypt- The necessity of increasing attention to the privacy of customer data, due to its significant impact in the study on business continuity; In order to improve the level of performance in the related companies.

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